Monday, July 16, 2007

I wasn't this smiley this morning

Smiley Shark always makes me smile. Just look at that grin! Reading this story just now to the 21st C boys, has balanced out the frustrations of the know...when you start that 5 minute job which takes all morning.

This morning's 5 minute job was really a task that I anticipated to take about an hour. Frustratingly, it took up most of the morning

I had come to the conclusion that the blog's sidebar was getting a tad too long and the links were getting unmanageable, so I thought I'd change it to a three column format. After attempting to use the advice on many a tech-blog.... and failing drastically I decided to import the three column template from and copy my links and widgets back into the HTML that didn't work either, so I've gradually had to build the links back in. It all reminded me of my trouble-shooting days in tech support. The "give this a go, in the desperate hope it will work" scenario came flooding back with all too much familiarity.

While still struggling away, I dipped into Little Mummy's site and saw her latest post about the importance of spending time with the young ones in the house. So, I abandoned the PC, ignored the phone calls and enjoyed the stories together leaving big smiles all around. Not as big as smiley shark though...that must be the biggest smile of all.

And now...I'm heading for the bottle of wine...the updates can wait till later ;-D

4 Comments: said...

Hi, your new site is looking good. I've given you a 'Rockin Blogger' award, details are on my site!

IngeniousRose x

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks so much IngeniousRose - have just put the logo up. Will shout and celebrate it tomorrow, after I've had my wine....forget the wine, I'll open the champagne.

Erica said...

Good on you for taking some time out.

Ruby in Bury said...

Love the three column format! Well done - particularly like your "latest comments" feature, I didn't know that could be done in blogger. Very clever.