Monday, June 04, 2007

Lots of paint and one toddler

Today I realised that after about 6 weeks of blogging, I've not really featured my children. Although I have no intention of turning this into a "mumsy"blog, I felt it was missing the child-oriented element of my life.

So to prove that my children are not just a figment of my imagination, here is a photo of this afternoon's really fun painting session at the dining table with my (now nappy-free) toddler.

He had a great time slapping loads of paint over the many cardboard tubes that we have collected from expired kitchen rolls. However the best fun he had was when he spread the gooey paint over his hand and then grabbed the long tube which came from a roll of wrap
ping paper. The squeals and giggles will last in my memory for many years to come.

I am surprised that I escaped paint free. I am also pleased that we had very warm weather which meant the works of art dried very quickly outside. Here you can see the lovely painted tubes hanging out to dry on our washing line, along with the printed pictures (made from pressing paper against paint blobs on kitchen roll).

Now all I've got to do is to just work out what we do with them. Suggestions are welcome.