Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Animal Magic

"Fancy a kiss darling!"

Yes, the memories of Johnny Morris' Animal Magic shows always come flooding back whenever I visit the zoo. Today's school trip was no exception. Reception Class all went on their very first school trip. Taking 30 five year olds to the zoo is certainly no mean feat and the day began with excitable chatter on the plush coach. (You can tell it was plush because it had carpet on the ceiling...why do coach-fitters do that?)

Our first stop was an animal demonstration, where we were allowed to stroke a snake and a rat (and if you are wondering, I was brave enough to have a go). The problem was, having been brought up watching Johnny Morris, I am sure I could here the snake saying "ssssstroke me, sssstroke me", while the rat was teasing "catch me if you can, catch me if you can".

The tigers looked at us nonchalantly, yawning "Please, not more children, we're only interes
ted if we can eat them, but please go away if we can't."

The penguins were holding a conference about the weather..."it's lovely and cold, just lovely, reminds us of home...so who said what about global warming?"

However, in the words of my 5 year old, the best bit about the zoo was the little train. "It took us past all the animals and it was really good because it was too cold to walk"

And from a distance, I couldn't hear what the animals were really saying!
Johnny Morris...I am afraid you have a lot to answer for.


MarkG said...

Bring back Animal Magic! Though I'm sure it just wouldn't quite be right without Johnny Morris.

21st Century Mummy said...

I think Picklesmum's favourite, Russell Brand, might make an interesting 21st Century substitute ;-D