Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Want to make money? Well visit an art gallery!

Yes it's a bit of an odd title for the subject of this post but I recently read on a business helper website, that if you want to generate some new ideas, an art gallery is a great place to head off to. As they say, it sounds mad but, away from the office in such a visually inspiring environment like an art gallery, it is easier to think up new ideas.

Is that why, my brain is constantly being bombarded with ideas for new ventures? I visit the local gallery about once a week and yes I do find it an interesting and inspiring place to sit and think. I often come away with new things to think about and ideas to try out.

The problem is, I don't always want all these things to think about. I have one husband, two kids, a pocket-money business, a share of another business, a lecturing position, two volunteer positions, and now a blog and a house to take care of. When have I got the time to devote to anything else? (And yes, the ordering of all those items is deliberate).

It's not as though I even have a huge desire to be a millionaire. It's a pity really, because I am sure in the right hands some of these ideas just could develop into a nice little earner!

From now on when I get the spark of an idea, I will freely blog it, in the hope that the idea isn't wasted and that someone, somewhere will be able to use it. If you do and you make a load of money, just remember the laws of karma and where you read it first!


Tina said...

I've had an entrepreneurial tangent that I would love you to be involved in - call me xxxxxx

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Tina - very interesting indeed...thanks for thinking about me ;-D

Tina said...

Don't think I could possibly have an entrepreneurial tangent ever again - WITHOUT thinking of you my dear!!! xxx

21st Century Mummy said...

^ ^
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