Saturday, June 28, 2008

Volkswagen Heaven

Today I found myself in Volkswagen Heaven. If it's possible to find such a place, what better location than the gorgeous town of Lavenham in Suffolk. It was a sunny day and amongst the timber framed medieval buildings, the mirrors twinkled, the wheel trims sparkled and everyone smiled.

And who could blame them, with a rare opportunity to see sights like this.

And be smiled at like this:

....and see funny things like this....

It really was a fab day out. If you're also a vintage VW fan, you can see more photos on my flickr site... Just click on the mosaic below:


Cybèle said...

They're lovely! I didn't know about it till a friend texted me, and at first we deliberated over going, but when we saw pre-1967 we realised we probably wouldn't be welcome with a 1983 VW! So Vanfest for us it is - over 6000 campervans - camper heaven ;-)

Frog in the Field said...

That looks fab!
Brilliant photos.

Karen said...

Hi Cybèle - It was a really nice event. It was funny to see our 2006 Touran parked amongst the old campervans in the car park reserved for VWs old and new....but 6000 campervans in one that really does seem heaven ;-D

Hi Frog in the Field - Thank you. I always think sunshine helps (LOL). But it's on days like this that I think I would love to have a SLR...I used to have an old Olympus one back in the 90s, but now I get by (as you can tell) with a wee little Canon Ixus, which is a really great camera and very portable ;-D

Jo Beaufoix said...

Sighhh that is so lovely. When I was younger I used to manage a Boarding kennels. To get to work I drove through a Morris Minor Restoration Centre. I love them almost as much As VWs. Gorgeous and so full of character.

Baba said...

Hello!! Just catching up with all things blog, and to be faced with this as my first catch up post was a treat!!! You don't need me to wax lyrical about VWs - the photo is lovely and speaks for itself!! They really do smile at you don't they? XX