Monday, March 03, 2008

One drink too many

I'd just like to give a huge shout-out to my mate Tracey Smith who has taken the huge step in unveiling her life as the daughter of a mother who suffered from alcohol dependency.

Tracey's experience has been published in this month's issue of SHE, revealing what it's like to be in a family where a parent suffers from alcoholism. I can understand some of her experiences because my aunt also suffered. The difference was, I was a niece, not a daughter.

One thing's for sure, despite her circumstances, you will not pity Tracey. Instead, you will admire her strength of character and the love for her mother, who died prematurely as a result of her illness.

To ensure that she could channel her experiences in a positive way, Tracey joined NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics) as a Trustee and helps the charity with PR and the media.

The NACOA website reveals that there are almost one million children who are living with an alcoholic dependent parent in the UK. The charity's research reveals that some of these children are exposed to rage, violence and abuse on a daily basis. NACOA is there to help.

For more info, visit its website at


Rosie said...

21st CM I cannot tell you how absolutely delighted I am that your mate Tracey has written about her experiences in this way. It is something that many people have experience of to varying degrees. I am certain her article will be extremely beneficial to many people. I am going straight out to buy it. Do you think she would mind if I also promoted it on my blog once I've read it?

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Rosie - thank you for your support. I am sure that Tracey would be very pleased for you to promote it on your blog. Indeed, I know she would be delighted. Thank you so much. xx

Rosie said...

That's great! I'll post something before the end of the week. It's a very worthwhile cause. It's amazing how powerful the blogosphere can be raising awareness of various issues like this.

Baba said...

Hey! Fabulous article, well written and very insightful. This really is a much understated issue, particularly for children of alcoholic parents. Unfortunately I have also had first hand experience of a situation identical to Tracy's but thankfully things are now OK......mental illness still carries far too much stigma for society to accept and openly support the patients and their families, and support groups are often "hidden" from mainstream health services. X

Bury Girl said...

I agree Baba....more people than you would think have some weakness or illness they feel "guilty" about - they shouldn't!!!!!!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, I will definitely look out for this. I'm sure it will be of great help to many people.
Catchng up slowly sweetie. Hope you're ok.

Rosie said...

The blogosphere is an amazing place - I posted about the article and Tracey has posted a comment thanking me. How wonderful!

When you get a chance come over to my site, there's an award for you!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Baba - thanks for your comments. It's strange how much can be revealed in a comment that wasn't known about previously. Must chat soon. x

Hi Bury Girl - yes you're right and when it comes to parenting, you can feel guilty about absolutely everything.

Hi Jo - great to hear from you and I hope that you're well. Do look up the article. It is well worth a read.

Hi Rosie - thanks for posting that up. I'm coming over to see you now. ;-D xxx