Tuesday, December 18, 2007

21st CM - not to be confused with a 21st Century Mummy

I know that this is an unusual break from the current festive activities, but I was just pondering the following....

...Have you decided to forego a conventional burial and have your body preserved? Are you one of a growing number of people who have signed up to be mummified after death? Are you or someone you know considering this option? Or have you chosen to donate your entire body to science?

Have I gone mad? Have I been listening to too much Makka Pakka?

No, honestly I am still sane. I just wanted to share with you the introduction on the homepage of the 21st Century Mummy website hosted by Fulcrum TV, who are producing a documentary that aims to "demystify our society's fear and refusal to accept death, taking the viewer on a soul-searching journey to discover the rituals and heartfelt emotions of death in a scientific and very human story".

According to their website, 21st Century Mummy is a unique and innovative documentary which will focus on the incredible Egyptian art of Mummification whilst also concentrating on the back story of their participant in a moving and affectionate look at their life. It is certainly a development in "reality TV" which will no doubt carry a lot of controversy.

Fulcrum TV is looking for potential contributors to take part in the documentary which will involve being embalmed according to the finest traditions of the Egyptians. Fulcrum's website states that the project is being led by one of Great Britain's top scientists and will be done in conjunction with a major UK Science journal.

For my regular readers, please note that despite having another bout of "Man Flu", this particular 21st Century Mummy is actually alive and certainly kicking and is not yet considering going down the route of actual mummification and definitely has no link with the project.

It's definitely something I think I will give a miss for a while and leave it to my namesake (blimey, when I started this blog I never thought I'd get a namesake).

Hhmmm....on the other hand.... it would make an interesting headline though wouldn't it...


Perfect Housewife! Yea Right!!! said...

Yuk I don't think thats something I would do! I have however thought about having a compostable casket and being buried in the woods or some greenland but the idea of houses being built on top of me doesnt sit well, Did you know you can have your dead body transformed into a yellowish diamond?

grumpyoldwoman said...

Green burial sites are generally green forever - often they are woodlands that are bought and return to woodland following the burials. They will never be developed and you are guaranteed burial 'in perpetuity' - whereas burial in a cemetery is often for a limited period ie: 50/75/100 years and there is no such guarantee. So green burials are the way forward.

Yellow diamonds are made out of cremated remains rather than dead bodies - and are very expensive.

I would not wish to be mummified - a very invasive procedure indeed. I would like my body to be left alone thanks very much. I do know people that have chosen to donate their bodies (or parts of them) to medical science but it is not assured. Bodies can and are refused for a variety of reasons.

God, dont I sound like a know all? ;-)

Anonymous said...

This post is dead interesting.. although I can't see why anyone would like to be mummified in the 21st Century, unless it's for research or art.

When my time comes though, I would like to be taken to Banam Zoo and someone throw my bits in the air while Vultures do their flying act! ;-)

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Gemma - hmm, I'm liking the diamond option....ROFL one of my sons could use it for an engagement ring...just imagine being the recipient ;-D Mot quite sure I'd be happy wearing the remains of my mother-in-law in a fancy ring ;-D

Hi Grumps - of course you're not a know-it-all. I'm glad to have your advice. The Green Burial sites are sounding more and more attractive. Are they still pretty rare or are more and more people opting for that these days?

Hi Pog - Now that's not an option for me...yuk...however, have you got it in your will? LOL!

grumpyoldwoman said...

There is a local Green burial Site called Oakfield Wood at Culford - thru village, past school, take turning to left and its just on the left. There are not many in the country but they are becoming more popular. No marker, just a broad-leafed tree planted on each grave. If you stand quietly in the wood you will see deer and rabbits and hedgehogs etc, and you will hear the birds - very peaceful.

21st Century Mummy said...

Grumps - thanks for info, that sounds so lovely. Behind the facade of bricks and concrete, we are all part of nature after all.

Jo Beaufoix said...

What an, erm, lovely namesake.
It will be interesting to see how much traffic you get for embalming now. Nice.

21st Century Mummy said...

LOL - as long as it's not "embalming hot mummy" ;-D