Friday, November 09, 2007

Bizarre linkings

Every now and then I have a look at Google Analytics, my stats analysis program, to see how people come across the 21st Century Mummy site.

It often makes interesting reading as you never know what you are going find.

People's keyword searches often make me laugh, and I do find it a giggle that they have happened along my site with searches such as: Naughty Mummy and Hot Mummy. My only message to those people naughty naughty boys (or even naughty girls in this day and age I suppose). How people find my site by searching on Naughty Milkman, I really don't know... (honest!)

As well as keywords, it is also possible to identify other websites that have linked to mine and have consequently referred people to the 21st Century Mummy site. Again, there is often the odd surprise or two...including...the following post where I found my Wookey Hole review translated into German. Apparently in German I am a 21 Jahrhundert Mama:

And I'll never forget this one, where I found my experience of working with Adrian Edmondson's brother up for discussion by a whole host of Jennifer Saunders fans. (I'm not sure how they thought I was a man though). Take a look at:

Well, having linked to me, I thought I would do the honour of linking back and I hope you enjoy the experience.

Meanwhile, I thought this might be a good topic for a tag, so henceforth I am tagging Picklesmum, Ingenious Rose, Jo Beaufoix, Man about the House and An English Mum for a post on their bizarre linkings. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

AHAHAH damn you discovered us Jennifer Saunders loonatics! *hides all evidence*


21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Joana - LOL...I see you've come out of hiding ;-D
As my husband always says, everyone needs a hobby. You never know, your site might now even get even more members. JS is so funny though, an extremely talented lady.

Jujubean said...

*SQUEEE* I agree!
Sorry I can be a bit over excited about Jennifer related stuff....
I hope you tell us more about the phone call *begs on knees*
and more members would be fabulous! :D


Alasdair said...

It's bizarre isn't it ... like the time when the 'secret order of the sheds' descended en masse on my blog. Denied me access to their forum and forced me to hack my way in ...

... regrettabely I'm not a very good hack and had to settle for a copy of their memberlist ...

You should see some of the search terms for the mrs blog! Well, with a title like, 'tales from the naughty step'. What would you expect, especially with her discussions of rag dolls?!

Baba said...

that is so funny!! I had no idea that you could track how people get to your blog....and as for the "naughty / hot mummy" searches, how rude!!! I'm horrified!!! Actually I think you are hot but that's not for blog chat......XX

picklesmum said...

I'm trying my best, though it has taken me all day to add the Google Analytics thingamebob to my website, so hang in there!

IngeniousRose said...

Oooo, looks interesting! I'll have a go.

charlie said...

Mine look like this...

fight a girl
darth vader
wife switch
horny wife
having sex with your wife
you want a piece of me
tied up wife
women horny together
a crying dad
and bug death

...people are crazy...

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Joanna (Jujubean) - Hee hee - I'm not sure I can tell you more about the phone call or my overheards as much as I could spill the beans about Ade Edmondson's brother. However, being a soul of discretion I probably wouldn't divulge too much on that either.

Hi Alasdair - that's so hilarious about the "secret order of the sheds". Please, you must now reveal more and tag the Mrs while you're at it ;-D

Hi Baba - you are so funny. I am glad you think I am hot, but that will now leave people wondering. It's a good job that 21st C Dad knows who you are ;-D

Hi Picklesmum - glad that you've managed the Google Analytics bit, you'll need to wait for data to accumulate. In the meantime, try a search, where you can search for blogs that link to your site. That's interesting too.

Hi Ingeniousrose - I can't wait to see your results. Let me know when you've posted.

Hi Charlie - ROFL - now your blog must be interesting, if these are the searches that lead to it ;-D When I read your comment I blushed and thought my blog was being spammed. Ha Ha. If Google indexes the comments boxes I'm now worried that all those dodgy people will somehow find my blog too. Look out for an update ;-D

Jujubean said...

oh well I tried :P
thanks anyway!!