Friday, October 19, 2007

Meet Reggie Reduce

He was spotted today with his missus Rosie Reuse and family, busily promoting the 3 Rs of Waste (reduce, reuse, recycle) in Bury St Edmunds.

What is he made from?
His head is made of a watering can, hose pipe eyes, watering rose mouth.
His hair is a reusable mop head.
He is wearing a cycling helmet.
His body is made from a wormery.
His arms and legs from plant pots and pipe insulation.
He is wearing a patchwork waistcoat made from cut up old clothes.
He is wearing a tool belt with screwdrivers and other tools and knows how to mend things.
He is carrying a ‘slim your bin’ bag because he wants to do just that.
In his bag he has a low energy lightbulb, a letter for the MPS (Mail Preference Service) to stop junk mail, an empty bottle of washing up liquid for refilling and of course, recycled loo roll!

Why is he a reducer?
He cycles most places so that he doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions.
He is a keen gardener and grows a lot of his own fruit and veg (he buys the rest loose from the market).
He buys products you can refill thereby cutting down on waste, like the mop and bottles.
He puts all his kitchen waste into his wormery and compost bin rather than sending it to landfill.
He insulates his pipes to conserve energy.
He always mends things rather than throw them away.
He tries to buy items that are of good quality and durable so they last longer.
He never ever uses carrier bags.

Pop along to the Suffolk Recycling website to meet the rest of his family and to find out more.

(Description above courtesy of Suffolk Recycling)


IngeniousRose said...

Fasinating! Is it you in disguise 21st Century Mummy?

NB. Blogging in my pyjamas at 3.05am!There's an interesting article on BPB by the way, take a look!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Ingenious - Well I often try to go around town incognito, so shucks, looks like my cover is now blown ;-D

I've just seen your article - it's excellent and really well written. Well done - no wonder you're blogging in pyjamas at that time in the morning ;-)

Jo Beaufoix said...

They're fab.
Miss E would love them, but Miss M would run away.
Great idea though.