Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Birthday


As of today, I have a six year old boy. No...that doesn't mean I'm a now a mother of 3, it's just that my 5 year old turned 6 today.

If someone had just given me a fully-fledged child six years ago, I would not have had the faintest idea what to have done with them. How to talk to them, walk with them, play with them, discipline them or have fun with them. Yet we have grown together and I am a now a different character, not quite an Earth Mother, but somewhere between there and my old child-free career woman alter-ego!

So what does a six year old boy like? Well this one loves K'nex, Lego, Transformers, Wooden Train Sets and anything connected with Doctor Who. It's a long way from rattles and cuddlies...but actually, life with a six year old is now a lot more fun!

And what does a mother of a six year old boy like? Hunting for snails, lots of tickles, talking about nonsense, having bug parties and Doctor Who (yes Doctor Who, not just anything connected to Doctor Who...just the man himself)! It's a long way from life in the office...but as I said...a lot more fun!


Ruby in Bury said...

Happy birthday to 21st Century six-boy!

That's a funny person in the passenger seat of you car :-D

21st Century Mummy said...

Yes Ruby...a word to the uninitiated...that's what too much chocolate cake does to you. Beware children...take note!

a.n.other said...

Too much chocolate cake has had a definate ballooning effect on my tummy, but not as yet on my head!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi a.n.other ... oh so that's what it was...I think I must have experiences the same thing ;-D

Jo Beaufoix said...

Happy Birthday 6 year old.
I had a 6 year old girl and now have a 7 year old instead.
Time goes waaaaay to fast for my liking.

She doesn't ike Dr Who, but as you know, I do. Is that a Dr Who clip in the photo??
I woudn't be surprised.

21st Century Mummy said...

Gee - the photo is one of mine but I am dead chuffed that it looks like a Dr Who clip? Maybe I should sell the idea to the scriptwriters eh?