Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the buses

Blimey, our local bus service seems to have improved beneath my very nose and that's a turn up for the books, if ever I've seen one.

Having experienced untoward aches and pains from a walk into Bury St Edmunds and back again, (which I did yesterday with my poppet of a pre-schooler), I decided that today I would maintain my burst of fitness to overcome said aches and walk into town once more to attend a creative content meeting with my local writing mentor, friend and colleague...

I'd ruled out the bike because I also needed to do some market shopping and too many groceries in the bike basket knocks my balance (in other words, makes me wobbly) in a determined effort to keep the car at home, the only option was Shanks' Pony.

I psyched myself up for the walk into town, gathered my books and shopping basket and off I trot...

...until two minutes later, as I turned the corner of the street and saw the beautiful sight of a bus... driving in my direction...towards town.

Sorry folks, out went the determination to take advantage of a grand opportunity to get fit and in came an over-riding desire for a flirtation with a bus ride.

£3 paid and 20 minutes later I knocked at my mentor's door to find her in a state of "unexpectation". How unfair of me.

However, it feels great to have used our local bus service and I was fortunate to have co-ordinated arrangements for me also to enjoy the return journey home. I was prepared for the 50 minute walk home with my leeks and spring onions, but had a pleasant ride home instead.

It's great that I have accidentally discovered this extended service, as it means many more adventures with the little one.

Of course, it's not only he who can have the fun. I could have got off the bus earlier, but for the hell of it and for the novelty I stayed on to go around the roundabout and back again. Yee-aah!


21st Century Mummy said...

For those who live in Moreton Hall, the bus service is the 83/83A which reaches Bradbrooke Rd at 4mins and 27 mins past the hour

picklesmum said...

We have a bus out of our village 1 an hour (which is ok i guess) but it takes over 1 hour to get to Bury 9 miles away. With a pukey Pickle that is not good!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Picklesmum - is that the bus that goes through Thurston and Moreton Hall? If so, give us a wave next time you're passing ;-D

picklesmum said...

That be the one!!! Will do!

Ruby in Bury said...

Hee hee, you will get end up ment-ol with a mentor like that. She actually thought you were hers! Thank you for not mentioning she was naked on the landing, having just stepped out of the shower, when you speedily arrived with bus power from Moreton Hall!! (Oh dear now I've done it ;-))

I love your bus piccy!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Did you really sit on the bus taking pictures?

If you did that where I live peope would stare.

I love that you did that.

Here's to many good bus rides to come.

I think we'll need wine.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Picklesmum - I may have seen you passing already...we'll never know. In fact it was when the Stowmarket-Bury bus replaced the Thurston-Bury service, that I stopped using the bus service. The timetable had been pulled down for the old 300 and never replaced...which is why I am overdoing the happiness factor regarding my accidental discovery of the revamped Moreton Hall service. Long may it flourish. and hopefully Pickles pukey experiences will be shortlived ;-D

Hey Mentor Ruby ~ how good of me not to include that detail eh ;-D I could have added the bit about you actually engaging in conversation while standing on the landing in your birthday suit. Shows what a trustworthy blogger I am though eh and also what a relief that Mr Ruby was on hand to answer the door (and before any rumours start in Bury...he WAS fully clothed AND unflustered). ;-)

Jo - I must credit the lovely Ruby with increasing my confidence in taking photos in strange places. I am getting used to it and now have a beautiful collection of oddities. Ruby though is the queen of blatant public photography and her blog provides witness to her cheeky bravery in this area.

I'm getting more plucky. The key for me is to be quick or pretend that I am scrolling through photos on my tiny digital camera.

BTW - I love the sound of wine.