Thursday, August 02, 2007

Postcard from...Cromer

Greetings from Cromer.

After a busy day at Holkham Beach we took a coastal drive to explore North Norfolk, before arriving in Cromer for a fish & chips supper.

Cromer is larger than the other seaside destinations that we generally favour and is a typical victorian seaside resort, with a recently restored pier, a promenade, amusements as well as facilities for the gentler activities such as bowls. As well as some prominent Victorian architecture, it is also interspersed with some interesting Art Deco features from the 1930s.

As we didn't arrive until about 6pm, we didn't get much chance to explore the town. Instead, supper was our priority and we desperately tried to hunt down some Cromer crab, one of the treats for which Cromer is apparently well-known. Our attempts were foiled due to the lateness of our arrival so we settled for fish instead.

It was our first visit to Cromer and who knows it could be our last. It might have been the timing, but we didn't quite get its appeal, but it's probably because we prefer quieter resorts with fewer facilities. Cromer offers many attractions for those who are looking for entertainment, interesting shops and beautiful views over the sea. It seemed the perfect spot for teenage holiday romances, which leave many a broken heart. For one moment, I felt transported back in time as I observed three lads, some wearing leather jackets, striding along in the manner of Danny and the T-Birds from Grease (well-a,well-a well-a uh)!

I wasn't sure whether they were looking for a fling or a fight or just some "grease lightinin". Either way, I was up for neither, so after our supper overlooking the lovely pier and giving the children a quick ride on the amusements, we headed back to our car under the auspices of a beautiful sunset.

Wish you were enjoy the sunset...21st Century Mummy xxx


picklesmum said...

Picklesgrandma and picklesgranddad go to Cromer EVERY year, they love it. Holkham looks beautiful, who needs to go abroad when you have that so close to home.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi picklesmum. A friend of mine also loves Cromer and takes her now grown up family there every year. You're right about Holkham...when we were there I remarked to 21st C Dad that it almost felt like the Caribbean with soft sand, blue skies and blue sea (not that I've ever been though - hee hee - my imagination is enough)