Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pass the book: Children's Spaces

Today I am launching a new tag-game of "Pass the Book". It's a giveaway with a difference. I am a keen recycler so I am giving away an almost brand-new book to the first blogger who requests it. It's like bookcrossing for bloggers

The rules are:
a) You must have a blog that you maintain regularly
b) After reading the book you must put up your own "Pass the Book" post, with a review of the book
c) In the post, you must must tag three blogs: The Originator, The Blogger who sent it to you and an update of who you passed it onto.
d) You must not use the recipient's address for any other purpose than to forward the book.

Today's book is a copy of "Children's Spaces (from Zero to Ten)", by Judith Wilson, published in 2005. I bought it yesterday and being only 137 pages I read it within an evening. It is a gorgeous little book with lots of advice on how to manage children's spaces with chapters on rooms for babies, girls, boys, playrooms, bathrooms and outdoor spaces. Full of lovely photos, it is inspiring and is easily digestible and memorable, which is why I am now passing it on. A full review of the book can be found at the Waterstones site.

If you'd like me to send this book on to you, just put your request in my comments box. I will then send it to the person who is shown in the comments to be the first requester. Remember you have to maintain a blog and be prepared to "Pass the Book". For obvious reasons please do not include your address details in the comments box. If you are the first to request the item, I will contact you directly for this information. The book will be sent by 1st Class Post.

If you love recycling, why not launch your own "Pass the Book".


Paul said...

I am not claiming the book - but what a lovely idea?!

Erica Douglas said...

I'm claiming this book, and I have two brand new books to giveaway. One copy of 'You want to do what?' and one copy of 'Baby Names' (both from harper collins) to pass on, I received the books as free gifts for an upcoming review I'll be doing and would love to give them away as part of 'pass the book'.


Jo Beaufoix said...

What a fab idea.
I love it.
I'll be round at your site soon Erica to see where it goes.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Erica ~ Congratulations. I can't wait to get it in the post to you. I wonder where it will go. It would be a great idea if we can keep tabs on the number of readers it reaches and the number of miles it travels. It'll be fun to pass on your review books as well. I'll be looking out for the "You want to do what"

Jo - you never know, it might get down to Nottinghamshire. I'd love to know whereabouts in Notts you are. I mentioned to Ingenious Rose that I lived there for 10 years, most of the time spent in West Bridgford. I had a great time.

Paul - I hoped the idea would go down well. It appeals to my freecycle/bartering side (by the way, did you know there's a barter group in Bury ~ you should come along sometime). Anyway keep an eye on this space, you never know, you never know what'll come up. ;-D

Motheratlarge said...

What a great idea! I don't live that far away from Erica, so I might ask her if I can have next dibs at the book. Like your thinking.

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Mother at Large - I'll be keeping a look-out on your site to see if you get it. Don't forget, if you do, to come back and add your name to the comments box. It'll be great to keep tabs on how far it goes.