Thursday, August 23, 2007

Before the bon voyage

This weekend we are visiting France to go to my niece's christening. So please excuse the lack of blog activity today, as I will be a bit busy...

taking one child to nursery
drying kids' clothes
washing 21st C Dad's socks
drying his socks
washing my clothes
drying my clothes
getting cases from loft
checking the checklist (passports, booking reference, insurance & money)
booking eldest's birthday party
seeing friend for quick coffee
visiting barbers
buying a christening card
(thought I'd had one)
making lunch
eating lunch
eating rest of contents of fridge
(to save waste)
defrosting fridge
(to check if fridge is broken)
posting a wedding card
writing and posting a thank you card
writing and posting a friend's birthday card
applying for a course
(deadline next week)
sorting out old clothes, books and toys
(for my sister's children)
phoning my mum
checking the checklist (passports, booking reference, insurance & money)
picking up youngest from nursery
refereeing fights
welcoming husband home from work
making dinner
eating dinner
reading stories to children
saying night-night
cleaning kitchen
tidying up
cleaning floors
(well there're always a few last stray items)
packing the car
remembering to pack all the gifts
(christening presents for niece, other presents for nephew, mum's birthday present, ruby anniversary present for my sister's in-laws)
checking the checklist (passports, booking reference, insurance & money)
(only one glass)
cancelling milk
(have forgotten twice already)
checking children
checking alarm
checking alarm (again)


picklesmum said...

No point in ironing if you are going to packit. It will be creased when you get there anyway. Ironing is well overratedin my opinion!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Picklesmum...I'm with you on the ironing and I don't normally bother...except...the clothes we are taking look so crumpled, thanks to my poor laundry management skills (always happens when I use the tumble dryer), so they need a once over to get rid of the ridges and get the "freshly creased" look rather than crumpled style. One day, I'll learn ;-D

21st Century Mummy said...

I'm bored with packing now! Can't decide what to wear on Sunday. Taking 2 extra outfits just in case (in case of what ~ I just don't know). Still waiting for clothes to dry...I think I'll be up until midnight (as usual) Ah, C'est la vie...a demain ;-)

Happy Tracks in the Snow said...

Love it! And single friends say they are 'just soooo busy' ha ha ha diddly ha!

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Happy Tracks - thanks for popping over. When I get back, I'll be coming over to your site again, it's fab.

Motheratlarge said...

Bon voyage 21st Century Mummy! Enjoy your holidays (and ticking things of that scarily long list!)

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi MaL - It was rather a long list. 21st C Dad always tells me off for being over ambitious or erm so disorganised to have not done it all before. Got most of it done though! ;-)