Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Did you know that... Wales, flatulent cows & sheep are responsible for 5% of Wales' greenhouse gases!

Well of course, I couldn't resist sharing this story, which I came across on the BBC website this morning. The article " Garlic 'may cut cow flatulence'"
states experts claim that cows are the biggest source of methane and are responsible for 3% of Britain's greenhouse gases.

Defra has commissioned research into "flatulent animals" (some people have such interesting jobs) and scientists at University of Wales are now looking at the effect of garlic in their diet.

I am now very happy to live amongst the pig farms in Suffolk. I'd never realised the air must be so much fresher (and hopefully cooler) over here! On the other hand...surely pigs have a good old belch as well don't they?


grumpyoldwoman said...

I have a friend with a gorgeous farmhouse out in the boonies (as another blogger would say) and the view from his bedroom window is of a river and sheep grazing in the next field. I commented at what an idyllic picture it made and he replied that yes, it was romantic to lie in bed with his beloved and listen to the sheep fart!!

Ruby in Bury said...

Now I know what Mr Ruby was chortling at last night on the sofa while watching the news, he was saying something about "cows burping"!! (I was reading my email and not paying attention - naughty Ruby!)

LOL @ Grumps' comment!!

21st Century Mummy said...

grumpyoldwoman ~ that cheered up my morning. LOL