Saturday, June 30, 2007

Television Unplugged!

I don't particularly like our TV. It's bigger than it looked in the shop, when we bought it three years ago. Admittedly it's not as big as some, but even so, I've been trying to convince 21st C Dad to let me get a smaller one, to no avail.

21st C Dad does not entirely understand my thinking. What confuses him is that I make no complaints when watching my usual diet of TV fixes or the latest hire from the video store.

But this is going to stop! Having realised that apart from Wilfing, the one thing that puts me into a Zombie mindless state, causing many a late night is my TV viewing habits. So we have decided to unplug the television and are embarking on a TV-free week, a brief taster for what hopefully will become a TV-free month.

This all sounded great over dinner last night, until he said "and what about the last episode of Doctor Who"... "and then there's that excellent documentary about Paris...". Suddenly, I began to feel myself back-tracking on my conviction as though there were no tomorrow.

However, first thing this morning...I tiptoed downstairs, ventured where no man has been in 3 years (the extremely entangled cable zone), navigated my way to THE plug and gently released it from its energy source. taking deep (yoga style) breaths...feel the serenity.


buryblue said...

Good luck let us know if you manage the whole week end! If the weather was better and you could more time out doors you would stand a better chance.

With the rain I don't suppose you will miss much of Wimbledon and there is no football to watch so you may as well switch off!

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Good luck to you, though it shouldn't be difficult. (a) There's rarely anyhing worth watching except the (horrible) news. (b) You have a computer screen to divert you. See my ideas for a BFP letters blog.

21st Century Mummy said...

Thanks guys...going well so exhausted last night, fell asleep pretty early (after trying to make party bunting).

Tonight's so easy...the Diana memorial concert is blasting out of the PC from Radio 2...grooving to Lily Allen at the moment...

(Paul will hop over and have a look at the BFP letters suggestions ;-) )