Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Carefree Days

Do you remember days when there was nothing to do but chill with your friends in the sunshine? Summer holidays was normally the time, when you could lay back and enjoy the blue skies, the trees and the grass (honestly people, I mean swathes of grass, not any other type, where you can innocently pull at the stems, releasing the soft seeds into your hand and gently blow them to the ground...please remember I'm a good girl).

We'd mull over our favourite bands, our latest vinyl collection, the coolest boys, the latest fashion, happily watching the clouds pass gently overhead, eeking out every single minute until it was time to rush home for tea, before getting into trouble for being late.

In the daily trog of grown-up life, it's rare to find such opportunities to just chill when there's always another thing to fit into the day before crashing-out time. I guess meditation is the equivalent, where you can allow your mind to drift into an idyllic setting, but you still need to try hard and find time even for that.

This summer, I am looking forward to recreating that setting with my grown-up friends, finding secluded spots to relax in the many beautiful local parks, while the children play around us. Instead of musing about boys, vinyl and our latest fashions, we'll probably be moaning about husbands, loud music and inappropriate clothing. All this amid wiping small snotty noses, refereeing fights amongst our little ones and thinking "oh b%ll@ck$, is that the time?!" before rushing home to make the tea, get through the witching hour and get the kids off to bed!!!

I'm sure if I close my eyes, pull at the long stems of grass and blow the seeds onto the ground, time will whisk me away into the meadow, where I can be 17 again. No stop me!!!...I'm getting carried away...all that A' level revision...and worrying about which university...stress! Oh, no.... I'd rather continue on the daily trog, constantly wipe snotty little noses and break up 10 daily fights any day!
So, would you want to blow those seeds and take yourself back twenty years...go on...would you?


Ruby in Bury said...

Recently, I've begun to sometimes feel I've got back to that place again. Sometimes. Not all the time.

It's a weird sort of a peacee and calm that's descended. A few years ago I had fantasies about going back in time to certain points in my life and doing everything differently. The beginning of high school, leaving high school. All sorts of moments. Now, I don't think I could be bothered. I like where I am . I'm enjoying dibble dabbling :-D

And besides, I'm allergic to grass seeds :-D xx

MarkG said...

My holiday in Wales last week really did take me back 20 years. That was the first time we stayed on the Lleyn Peninsula (been back many times since!).

This time my nieces got to do everything that I did back then and it was great to watch.

grumpyoldwoman said...

I sat on the grass at Strawberry Fair last weekend and pulled a long stem of grass out and sucked the juice from the end - and immediately (faster than you can say Tardis) I was back to my teens. Sitting listening to a passable band in the early summer evening, with grubby feet, wild hair and slightly burned shoulders.

the past is never far away...

21st Century Mummy said...

Good morning Ruby, Mark G & grumpyoldwoman, isn't it great to be old enough to have those distant memories. Now that's something you don't have in your teens! Onwards & Upwards...

By the way Strawberry Fair sounds so idyllic.