Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why I love Waitrose!

How organised am I? I did my big grocery shop yesterday in all of 10 minutes ~ online... Yes! I've really got that sorted now and can't wait to fill my fridge full of goodies when the shopping gets delivered tomorrow! Fantastic, except until today when I realised that we needed loo roll, which I'd forgotten to order and couldn't work out how to add it to my existing order!

Anyway, after a techno struggle I gave up and decided to pop along to my favourite superstore Waitrose. It was a great opportunity to check out (excuse the pun) the new "Green Till" that was promoted in the BFP this week.

As you probably know by now, I am all for simple measures that promote environmental awareness and the green till is a great idea, rewarding those who already have their own bags with a till of their own. Anyone using this particular till must already have shopping bags (or other means of carrying their shopping home) because no plastic carrier bags are available.

The Waitrose tills weren't that busy this morning but I took great joy in seeking out the Green Till, even walking past ordinary tills with no queues, so that I could show off my greenness in a smug fashion that isn't very becoming. There was no queue today, but I probably would have joined the queue if there had been one just to show my affiliation, whilst waving my "bags for life".

So, getting back to the thread. I love Waitrose supermarkets because not only does time seem to stand still when you are shopping in-store but...

  • Their food is really yummy;
  • The staff are always friendly;
  • The company cares about the environment;
  • They have their own working farm (which is open to their public);
  • They support local farming and have an ethical supply chain;
  • and finally they have really cute mini trolleys for the kids (but beware about using them on Thursdays)!


Ruby in Bury said...

The thing that tempts me the most in Waitrose is the salads bar. The help your self factor just makes it tooo tempting ...!!

21st Century Mummy said...

Not to mention the yummy cakes and excellent range of wine at the very end - no wonder I've not lost that extra stone!