Friday, May 04, 2007

Some things you don't want to hear and some things you do

Okay, call me a big girl's blouse but one thing I'm sure you don't want to hear when you are already late for the school run is:

"Look Mummy, the spiders have all hatched from their nest!!!!"

"and they are running all over your bike!"

So it's 8.50 in the morning. I should have already left for school but I am now in the situation where if I leave these hundreds of spiders loose (photo does not do the emergent population justice), they will scrabble all over my bike and even worse, my house, and by the time I get back from my morning activities, they will have grown into big hairy beasts, ripe for the set of Arachnophobia......err...shudder.

Okay, trying to remain calm...I think...I could get them with the hoover (but they'll crawl back out) or spray them with something nasty (that sounds too nasty). Then my eldest pipes up, "Mummy we can't kill them because they will eat all the flies." True..wham attack of conscience, makes me realise I actually dislike flies much more than I dislike spiders.

Consequently, this big girl's blouse resorted to grabbing lots of wet kitchen roll, so that all the baby beasties could cling to it. Then in a Jim Carrey kind of hopping with bent limbs fashion, dropped them behind the shrubs in the front garden. Apologies to the trail of parents and children en route to school for this display of lunacy. It's all better now!

Now some things you do want to hear...

According to today's BFP, fellow residents on the Moreton Hall estate are 100 per cent confident that it is a 'safe and delightful' place to live. Local councillors did a survey last month and every resident surveyed said that it was a great place to live. There were a few complaints but these seem to be getting sorted. Even though I was not surveyed, I tend to agree and it's been made all the better thanks to the many little red dog poo bins that have popped up over the last few weeks. As you can see they are red bins for dog poo, not bins for red dog poo....ah, the little things in life...!

...However...just when you think it is safe to sleep in your bed at night...
Cue one two year old and a red spade with another little beastie...."Mummy what's this?"

Mummy: "What's what darling?" followed by a brief glance towards the spade