Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Cover Up

Can you believe it. He's only 4 but he's got a mind of a master villain with the evil laugh to go with it.

Take Wednesday. Whilst having breakfast at a posh hotel in Bristol my four year old strategist piped up.

"I need my teddy".

I said "No".

"I want to go back to our room for Bear"

Again, I said "No".

We then sat in peace enjoying our breakfast.

15 minutes later he cried in desperation "Mummy, I need a poo...and I need it now."

So I grabbed the keycard, excused ourselves from the breakfast table and left the dining room, almost bumping into hollywood movie star Mickey Rooney on the way out. We dashed to the lift and made it to the second floor bedroom....phew...just in time.

On entering the room, he headed straight for the teddy bear, then said "Let's go back down to see Daddy".

"But you need to use the toilet first" came my very controlled reply.

"It's alright Mummy, I don't need a poo. I only said that because you wouldn't let me come back to get Bear - Ha Ha".


Hmm...this week it was Mummy and the bear, next week it's the world.....Mwahahahahaha!

So Happy New Year all. And while you're celebrating new beginnings please keep your eyes peeled for a four year old stroking a fluffy white cat.

And at the beginning of 2009, I remain truly grateful that no veteran movie stars were injured in the proceedings.


Barrie said...

I think this child will go far in life! Happy New Year! (I popped over from Vodka Mom's blog.)

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE that they can manipulate even from infancy!!!

It NEVER ends. :-)

happy, happy new year!!

Ruby said...

It was worth it though to bump into Mickey Rooney. Although I hope you didn't knock him for six in your haste!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, he's not quite there. He's far too honest for a villain. There's hope. Snort. Happy New Year. :D

Baba said...

Cunning hey!!! Have to confess though - having met said Teddy, I would want him with me everywhere I went as well AND he may have been hungry!! And I bet it was worth the trauma to hear that infectious little laugh as well!! XXXX

The Dotterel said...

On the other hand... what if they had been? Anyway, surely Mickey Rooney could have acted the part of 'Bear'?