Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The stuff that's on my mind

It's the 2nd September and I've paused for thought and I thought I'd share a few.

1. I've not blogged here for a while. Been busy, blogging elsewhere. Feel I should apologise to all who visit here but not there. Thanks for sticking with me and I will try to do better.

2. My youngest boy started school today. When I started blogging he was two, then he turned three. He's now four. WOW!

3. My blog visits are beginning to blur into a haze, with so little time to visit, but I still think of you and do my rounds whenever I can and lurk without comment when I find a minute or two.

4. I'm writing a book. I've read that all authors have peculiar habits, so I've joined the trend and only eat banana sandwiches when I write.

5. I still miss Ruby who has left Bury St Edmunds. I have also decided to join the WI. I wonder if they are connected. I suppose I'll never know.

6. I have a spider on my ceiling. It gave birth last week. It's still on my ceiling as are the little blighters. I *must* do something before they grow up.

7. I need a cleaner, but I need to tidy up before I get a cleaner. 21st C Dad has suggested a housekeeper. But I am the housekeeper. I hope I'm not sued for negligence.

8. I need chocolate.

9. I realise I've not replied to the last comments...oops, apologies to all...and on that note am dashing over the last post to leave a few words.

10. But before that, I promise I'll be back soon. xxx


headless said...

Hi 21CM - good to hear from you! (I thought all my favourite bury bloggers had been infected with some mysterious "blogger" pox and all given up the ghost...)

A recommended solution to Thought 3: www.google.com/reader - I've got 164 feeds (not all of them are blogs or frequent feeds!!) which it manages really really well for me.

Take care.

notSupermum said...

Enjoying your blogs! I hope you don't mind but I've tagged you.

Picklesmum said...

Hope the school thing went ok. What's happened to Ruby? No Daily photo from York for AGES!

Bury Boy said...

Well its about time ! we were feeling well forgotton.

Karen said...

Wow Headless - 164 feeds, blimey, now that's impressive. Thanks for the lovely comment. Good to hear from you. :-D

Hi notsosupermum - I've been tagged, yikes. I'm popping over to see what it is...looking like I'll be back her with another post very soon then. Thanks for popping by ;-D

Hi Bury Boy - oh dear...ooopsy. No you're not forgotten. This is still my hang-out when I want to do something but talk rubbish and I am just so glad you're still here :-D
Thanks Picklesmum - the school thing has settled down, but my word has my little boy changed. He's suddenly turned into a teenager...aarrrgh. Good to hear from you hope you're well. As for our dear Rubes, I spoke to her on Saturday and she's fine...hopefully will be back blogging soon ;-D

Cecily Plum said...

"...I need a cleaner, but I need to tidy up before I get a cleaner..."
I thought it was just me, I really need a cleaner for the many spider families we have living with us, but am afraid she (or he, if I'm lucky) would look at me pityingly.