Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chuggington...chugger chugger chugger chugger Chuggington

Well something had to drag me out of hiding! I've been spending far too long in the bins over at The Rubbish Diet, so it was about time I let my hair down and have a bit of fun.

And what fun indeed.

While Little J went off to a party yesterday, Little T and I excitedly boarded the train from Bury St Edmunds. Destination London, where we met up with the gorgeous Jo Beaufoix and her family for the very first time. Now that was exciting enough, but no sooner had we said our first "hellos", we all jumped on the Underground and headed off to a gathering of other bloggers at the Movieum of London in County Hall.

We'd been invited to a very special event, an all-expenses-paid private screening of Chuggington, where we were introduced to Wilson, Brewster and Koko, a really cute set of trainee engines called “Chuggers”.

Chuggington episodes are already being screened on BBC2 during the early morning Cbeebies schedule but in January they will hit the CBeebies digital channel, where the series is tipped to become the next big thing in children's entertainment.

And I can see why. Having watched two episodes yesterday, Little T became immersed in the adventures straight away and didn't even dare look away from the screen to eat his sandwiches. Even as an adult it was easy to fall in love with the adventurous spirit of Koko and the eagerness of Wilson balanced by the dependable nature of Brewster.

Ludorum, the show's creators have worked hard to create content that will appeal to both parents and children alike. As well as entertainment, it's the learning, sharing and enjoyment that are at the heart of Chuggington, and embedded within each story are important developmental messages centred on social-emotional development, reinforcing the life skills that are needed in today’s world.

Little T, already has his favourite character, the green and purple bullet train called Koko, who stopped to help others in a race during the first episode and who was proud to have the job of looking after a pregnant giraffe during the next story.

I must admit I like her too.

The other exciting part of the day was the chance to meet up with other bloggers during lunch. So while Little T munched on his sarnies, I managed a brief moment to say hello to the people behind A Modern Mother, Frog in the Field, The Potty Diaries and the Thames Valley Mums before going on a tour of the Movieum with Jo Beaufoix et famille.

So after a really fun day out, I'd like to thank Ludorum and Wolfstar for making the event possible. More of these please, especially if it involves a red carpet for bloggers in Leicester Square (nudge nudge, wink wink).

The only thing I would say is I now can't stop singing that song, you know, the Chuggington theme tune....

Chuggington, chugger, chugger, chugger, chugger, Chuggington

Chuggington, chugger, chugger, chugger, chugger, Chuggington

So, while I'm caught up in theme tune madness, why not discover the series for yourself. If you'd like to catch up with the adventures of the Chuggers, the great news is the new series start on Monday 3rd November and can be seen every week day on BBC2 at 8.45am. If you miss it, you can always check out BBC i-player or YouTube.

More information can also be found at


Millennium Housewife said...

I am very jealous of you meeting the other blogging mums, I can never imagine what they look like -two heads or one? MH

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

You are very efficient!

My kids are singing the song too, and dying for the new website in January.

Potty Mummy said...

Am ignoring MH's comment, and joining Susanna in being in awe of your efficiency. Can I just put 'what she said' and a link to this post on my blog rather than writing my own? No? Oh well...

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, what Susannah and Potty Mummy said. ;D

I just got back from Brighton after an exhausting but brilliant day yesterday. I loved meeting you and we have to do it again soon. Did you get your teapot?

Hugs xx

Karen said...

Hi MH - LOL, it is all very bizarre meeting other bloggers. Even more bizarre to find everyone's normal. As for my other head, I thought it better to leave it at home :-D

Hi Susanna - hee hee, nothing to do with efficiency, more like how the 'eck am I going to fit this in if I didn't do it today, whilst Little T was busy with a pot of paint. Problem was Little T painted his hands and feet and then the carpet. Lovely to meet you yesterday. :-D

Hi Potty Mummy - Great to meet you yesterday too. Since my early gusto, I spent the rest of the morning cleaning green paint off the stairs and the afternoon recuperating. That'll teach me for being efficient. :-D

Hi Jo - It was fab wasn't it and I'm so glad we had that extra time together. I can feel another visit coming on when I've recovered. I was thoroughly exhausted. After we left you, Little T wanted to walk on the bridge to Charing Cross...IN THE RAIN...before getting a bus back to Kings Cross. I was drenched but we had a fab time and it reminded me how much I miss London. I was supposed to go to a Halloween party last night but was too tired to even leave the house. Mr A went on his own in a very ghastly looking costume, LOL.
Didn't find a teapot and since I've now started my mad Buy Nothing New month, looks like I'll have to wait until December :-D

Picklesmum said...

They look like the trains from Underground Ernie don't they? Creepy!

Anonymous said...

My little girl Rihanna is a such a big fan of Chuggington, my daughter is 3 and loves Koko. It’s on at BBC2 at 8:45am and is a lovely feel good educational programme all about some young trains learning life skills. It’s a younger, lighter, more modern and colourful version of Thomas the Tank Engine.The website is great loads of games to play at and you can watch more on utube

Karen said...

Hi PM - LOL, I promise they're not as scary as the Underground Ernie trains. They freak me out but these ones seem more cuddly in a funny old way :-D

Hi Anon - Thanks for popping by. I can safely say that we are now fans in our household. We caught today's by the sheer benefit of our digital recorder :-D

Anonymous said...

Definitely not as scary as Underground Ernie or Thomas the Tank Engine, light hearted easy watching with good moral content, makes it easier to let your children watch tv then!! The printables on are fab, kept my daughter entertained for hours. As far as children's programmes go, that you have to watch, this is a good one!!