Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We interrupt this broadcast...

...with news that Ruby_in_Bury is leaving Bury for York.

Most readers will have already seen the shock announcement on Ruby's blog yesterday. Those who don't know of Ruby will not be aware of the disturbance to the equilibrium this means or indeed the shockwaves that reach out as far as America.

By blogging about Bury St Edmunds, Ruby has forced the town to get to know itself, get over itself and come to terms with itself...even laugh at itself on times.

Her blog has been a shining light and has offered a hostel to all those who may love Bury St Edmunds but have felt lost in some of its quirky ways. It has been an antidote to many aspects of town life and I will miss it so much.

But not as much as I will miss Ruby herself and our fun meetings in the Angel, listening to the goings-on of home improvement salesmen, ladies sipping tea and more recently a member of the landed gentry on a recruitment drive.

Someone who started out as a stranger has become a real friend. It was Ruby who first inspired me to blog and who has given me the confidence to engage in some of my mad adventures.

So good luck to Ruby and family and to Mr Ruby too. I wish them all happiness and success in their new lives.

And in the meantime, tomorrow I will be on a great adventure with Ruby in London for an early celebration of my 40th birthday.

And as well as birthdays, we'll be raising more than a glass or two in honour of Living in Bury St Edmunds...or indeed York.


Patricia said...

Dear 21st CM and Ruby - Enjoy your day in London together ladies !! Life is very short - and we must do what we feel is right for us !! We will all miss Ruby's prose so very much - we will be looking out for her new blog - and will continue to enjoy 21st C mummy's blog as always. Keep us posted on both of your lives. I think neither one of you know how much you brighten so many people's days..... Stay well, safe and happy,,,

grumpyoldwoman said...

Thanks for putting it so well 21st CM. Although I will miss the blog it is Ruby's happiness that comes first and when she is settled I am sure she wont be able to resist regaling us with tales of York. I know that you two have become firm friends and distance is no object in true friendships. Happy birthday to you and give Ruby a hug for me please.

Baba said...

Gutted about Ruby! Hoping you've had a wonderful time in London and that your plans to keep in touch are firm and fruitful! XXX

Jo Beaufoix said...

Blimey I hate it when a friend moves away. But York is a gorgeous place and at least you're in the same country. Sorry I've been a bit absent. Life just gets too mad sometimes, but have a brilliant birthday and hope to see you soon. Hugs.

Karen said...

Hi Patricia - thank you for such a lovely comment. We had a fantastic day today, with lots of laughs, chatter and ideas. I can't wait to see Ruby's new blog. It's a new start with lots of new things to discover. I'll still be here with my personality crisis and will be keeping tabs on the old girl who's moving up north. ;-D

Thank you Grumps - I've got a feeling that our Ruby will get through the hard times with the support she has both in Bury and York. She has become a real true friend and we're already planning some adventures in York ;-D

Hi Baba - It was great and I feel we should get together sometime soon too. And as for plans...hee hee, that Ruby and I are full of's all part of the big plan to take over the world....hahaha...[evil laugh, while stroking white cat] ;-D

Hi Jo - it's funny but you were on my mind today, while Ruby and I were chewing the fat over friendships made through blogging. Isn't it great how it all works. LOL, I know all about the mad life...and talking about mad things and Ruby moving up north, I've now got the travelling bug to visit new friends and watch out Notts, I can see a stop-off in the near future ;-D

Ruby in Bury said...

Thanks so much 21stCM - lovely words that mean so much to me. I am sure we will be life-long friends now so you are stuck with me wherever life's journey takes us in the future, LOL. Hee hee - lots more fun to be had and I'm already planning what we'll do on your first visit to York xxx

Thanks everyone else for your lovely comments too xxx