Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday blogging

Well the girl is doing what she loves doing best...well almost...blogging live in the Lounge on my birthday. Shhh...don't tell 21st C Dad, who's hard at work at an AGM today. With a jam packed social agenda over the weekend I should be food shopping and cleaning the house.

But today is my fortieth birthday so I will avoid it as much as possible, then make up for my sins tomorrow morning.

So FORTY eh! When did that happen? How come 1968 feels so far away. Geez, back then nobody had even landed on the moon!

But so far, being forty is great. I celebrated with the lovely Ruby yesterday, in London no less, will be celebrating with 21st C Dad and the children this evening and have a whole weekend of celebrations booked in with friends.

So it's non-stop partying. That's what turning forty is all about.

But what else does it mean? Well for me it's about...

Friendships with people I've "collected" over the years.
Opportunities that are around the corner.
Relationships with those dear to me, my husband, family and friends.
Thankful for two beautiful children.
Youthfulness, no matter what age I am.

And that's it in a nutshell! I could have included much more, but ran out of letters! Funny that, with such a milestone you'd think there would be more. I suppose I'll have to wait until I'm hundred for that delight.

Anyway remember the bit about the moon? Who would have guessed back in 1968 that forty years later I would be able to see the moon up close...and I don't mean the familiar scene from outside the window.

No, my special 40th birthday treat is that 21st C Dad and family have bought me my very own telescope. A point and click one, where I can tell it to show me the moon, Jupiter or Mars and it will find it. Perfect for a girlie beginner like me.

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know that I will be lost somewhere in the galaxy, watching the stars.

But I haven't forgotten my excitement...the one that is keeping us all on tenterhooks....I will be back with news very soon.

And on that note...I'm off to get prepared for tonight's full moon. No rude comments!


grumpyoldwoman said...


Have a wonderful weekend. x

Ruby in Bury said...

A very happy birthday 21stCM, and many more to come! Have a lovely weekend of celebrations! xxx

Baba said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Really hope you enjoy using your new telescope and that the moon shines down on you lots !! (Does that work...?!)


Paul F said...

It's all down hill from now on!

Bury Boy said...

Happy 40. and dont beleive Paul on this one, 40 is the old 30, and life just gets better. Many more oppitunities open up, many many more experiences to come, just enjoy life.

Now as for this telescope, does it now mean you can see into the town centre from MH, and can check out the cattle market ???. or even see black bins at a distance.........

Baba said...

I love that you have "latest from my other blog" on this one!!


Karen said...

Thank you Grumps, Ruby and Baba, I really have had a great time. ;-D

Hi Paul - I hope that the only downhill aspect that I get to experience is the cycle in from Moreton Hall ;-D

Hi Bury Boy - Thanks and LOL at the black bins and cattle market. I think I'll have to find a suitable vantage point ;-D

Hello again Baba - Glad you like it. I hoped that people could use it to see if there were any updates ;-D

Patricia said...